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24/7 extras and services for an ideal holiday experience

Our inhouse concierge service satisfies almost every desire. If certain services of your desire are not listed here, please ask us directly. We take care of it trying to make it possible.  

Sports & Fitness

timGold // Personal Fitness Training


We are happy to collaborate with the island's leading personal fitness trainers Tim & Leon Gold. They offer an enormous range of sports specific services. Choose between 1on1 training, couple workout or even private group fitness (Body Balance, Body Shape, Aqua Fitness, TRX). From a creative pool of more than 15 different training methods the matching one will be available for you as well to not getting out of shape during your stay.

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Ibiza is famous for that far eastern sport which balances body and mind. Professional and experienced Yoga instructors (m/f) teach certain difficulty levels or arrange a trial session, so maybe you ever wanted to get to know the spirit of that motion doctrine. 


Guided hiking tours


Ibiza not only goes with the party crowd. Apart from the nightlife and beach clubs nature lovers get they moeny's worth. The island provides numerous hiking tracks on every level. Combine the breath taking beauty of the pitiusas with a whiff of freedom and adventure.

Car, Yacht & Helicopter

Airport transfer

airport transfer

Arriving at the airport you like to be welcomed by a limousine service and conducted to the villa? No matter of question. Reliably, securely and relaxed you will get to one of our gorgeous villas. A perfect start of your holidays.

Jets and Helicopters 


Exclusiveness has no limits. On certain demand we will organize sightseeing helicopter flights or transfers, e.g. over to one of the island's neighbours. 

Car Rental

car rental

On Ibiza it does make sense to have a rental car for the whole of the stay. Like that only you are able to discover the diversity of the island. Our car rental partners hold a wide range cars suitable for almost every demand. 

 Yacht Charter and Boat Trips 


Not only the island's insiders know that the most beautiful beaches and bays are accessable by boat only. Experience unique yacht tours or combine the trip with racy fun by booking a jet ski. On water numerous leisure activities can be done. 

Child Care

Nanny Service


To spend the best time of the year together with the kids - naturally! To enjoy the famous nightlife independently apart from your children without a worry, we engange professional educated Nannys in several languages.

Baby Package

baby package

The little ones should enjoy the holiday as well. You may attend fully to your offspring without worrying about adequate child features in the house. High seats for eating and child seats for the car, cutlery, baby beds and much more belong to our repertoire of the baby package.

Massage & Spa, Health

Massage and Spa Service


On vacation you should pamper yourself from head to toe - deep relaxing massages care for the feeling of total well-being. Our massage therapists are educated very well. They provide a wide range of massage programmes from several cultures. Indulge in pure relaxation with Sports, Thai or Shiatsu massages or certain techniques like Hot Stone and Abhyanga. 



It is our obligation to make you feeling totally secure during your stay. Of course that includes a first class medical care. We collaborate with the best private English or German speaking practitioners which are available 24h in case of emergency.

Beauty and Hair

hair beauty

Our beauty experts take care of your accomplished look. Not only for dinner occasions but also for the nightlife, the perfect look will be created. You may choose between coiffeur, make-up, nail design and particular special requests.


Catering and Party-Service


Holidays on Ibiza without the outstanding culinary diversity? Unimagineable. On demand we are able to arrange those special treats in the villa as well. A barbeque dinner, "Cocina-Fusion", Sushi or the arrangement of a birthday party - our catering partners live up to hishest expectations.